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  • 2024-1 Submission of Thesis for Doctorate Degree (2024 Aug Graduation)


  • Application for Withdrawal for Classes and Credits, Spring 2024


    Application for Withdrawal for Classes and Credits, Spring 2024 1. Application Period for withdrawal for classes and credits : Mar 25th(Mon) ~ Mar 27th(Wed) (After the designated period, the withdrawal is not possible.) 2. Qualification for application a. Enrolled students who want to withdrawal for classes and credits 3. Required documents(attachments) a. Application form for withdrawal of classes b. Application form for withdrawal credits 4. Place for submission : Each Department office 5. Notes a. Those who want to withdrawal for classes they have applied for may give up the classes until 1/4 of classday for the each semester. b. Only for the case where the re-taking of class is impossible due to the course not being open in the applicable major, the F credits may be withdrawn during the period of credits withdrawal. - Office of Graduate School -

  • Application for Credit Recognition from previous Graduate School, Spring 2024


  • Obligation for Using Thesis Plagiarism Prevention system, Spring 2024


  • Applying for comprensive examination of Spring semester, 2024


    We would like to inform you of the matters regarding the comprehensive examination of Spring semester, 2024 so if you want to take the exam run by each departments should apply within the due date. 1. Qualification: Student who earned 18 credits or more of major course for each degree course and 3.0 or better average grade and have applied for the exam during the application period with the recommendation of faculty advisor(The faculty advisor will process the exam procedure on AIMS) 2. Application period: 2024.3.7.(Thu) ~ 2024.3.11.(Mon) 3. Procedure : application on the website(login to Portal → ‘Academic Affairs Information' → ‘Grade/Graduation'(on the upper side) → ‘Comprehensive Examination Application'(on the left side)) 4. Date of exam: To be announced by the departments during October. - Please refer to the notice board from each departments for the details. 5. Passing : 60 points or higher out of the total of 100 points for each degree program - If failed to pass, re-taking of exam is possible regardless of number of tests taken 6. Study subject for examination - Master's program : MajorⅠ, MajorⅡ - Doctorate program and integrated program : MajorⅠ, MajorⅡ * As general test is progressed by study subject, inquire about detailed subjects and schedule to department 7. Confirmation of the result for foreign language test and comprehensive examination (Internet inquiry) - Procedure : Login to Portal → ‘Academic Affairs Information' → ‘Grade/Graduation'(on the upper side) → ‘Comprehensive Examination Application'(on the left side)) 8. Caution on applicants for qualifying examination - Before submitting the application, the test result has to be confirmed via Internet to ensure accurate application - The application period of academic affairs schedule for each semester has to be complied with, and the reception is not allowed after the deadline date that the note has to be made. (The schedule may be modified depending on the situation, and if indeed modified, it shall be posted on the homepage.) 9. For the Master and Doctorate integrated course students - If you wish to acquire Master's degree, the exam will be applied of Master's degree. - Who changed the course from Master's degree to the integrated course, the exam will be applied of Doctorate's degree. - Office of Graduate School -

  • Information on Application for Classes Modification for Spring semester, 2024


    ** Period of Application for classes Content Period Confirmation of academic advisor Application for Classes Feb 15th(Thu) 09:00 ~ Feb 21st(Wed) 17:00, 2024 Feb 15th(Thu) ~ Mar 15th(Fri) , 2024 Commencement of Spring semester, 2024 Match 4th(Mon), 2024 Application for Classes (Change) Mar 4th(Mon) ~ Mar 8th(Fri), 2024 ** Kindly refer the enclosed PDF file