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Application for Change of the Degree Process to Integrated Course
Writer 이가영 Date 2021-11-22 Hit 197

Application for Change of the Degree Process to Integrated Course
for Students under the Master's Degree Course, Spring semester 2022

 Those who want to change the degree course to the Integrated Course, among students under the Master's degree course in the general graduate school, need to submit an application form within the designated period as below.

1. Qualification for Application

  a. Enrolled students who completed one or more semesters at the said graduate school

  b. Those who got recommendation from Academic Advisor 

 2. Application Period: 2021.11.30(TUE) 09:00 ~ 2021.12.13(MON) 17:00

 3. Required Documents
  a. A copy of the Application form (Prescribed form): Please refer to the Attachment #1
  b. An original copy of Transcripts

 4. Place for submission: Office of Graduate School (Yulgok Hall 3rd floor #305)

 5. Admission Method: Document screening and Interview

   (The date for the interview depends on the schedule of the Department)

 6. Application fee: Exempt

 7. Notes
  a. Recruiting Department: All departments that include the Integrated Course in the general graduate school
  b. The number of applications: Unlimited
  c. Procedure of selection: Same as schedule of application for admission for Spring, 2022
  d. Credit recognition: Possible to recognize the credits acquired in the Master's course
  e. Qualification for Conferment of Degree

      1) A student who completed the registration of 8 semesters or more
          (The years required for completing a course of study can be reduced by 1 year (2 semesters)
           for those who already acquired more credits than designated credits for completion)
      2) A student who acquired 48 - 54 Major credits or more, and 9 - 15 research credits
        - Students who entered before 2014: 54 Major credits, and 9 research credits
        - Students who entered in or after 2014: Please refer to the Attachment #2
      3) A student with Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better
      4) A student who passed the paper screening and qualifying examination
          (including Foreign Language test and comprehensive examination)

 8. Attachments 

 #1: Application form for change of the degree process to Integrated Course 

 #2: Credits for the Doctorate course and Integrated Course


For more details, please contact to office of graduate school (

For inquiries about the admission criteria and interview, please contact the department you wish to apply for.



- Graduate School Office -


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